SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY card sticker


Looking for a way to spice up your credit or debit cards? Look no further than our Shut Up & Take My Money card sticker! These skins add some fun and flair to your everyday transactions, with a sassy and stylish design. Order yours today and make every purchase a statement.

We offer the option of half or full-card stickers, giving you even more flexibility to customize your cards. Whether you want to cover the entire card leaving just the Chip visible or just add a little flair to the top half and have your information visible at the bottom, we’ve got you covered.

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Design: The Sticker design features two options to customise the front of your credit and debit cards. Half card sticker - Covers the top of the card leaving all the vital information and the chip visible Full card sticker - Covers the full card leaving just the chip visible, for an easy swipe Finish: The stickers flaunt a matte look Material: Made from high-quality stickers, perfect and thin to allow ease of swiping the card with no hinderences Size: Our stickers only work for small chip cards More info

  • Allows the card to work seamlessly in ATM or card machines.
  • Easy to apply card stickers specially designed for credit and cards
  • They do not leave any residue or stain on removal
  • All our Credit card skins are waterproof